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  • Work individually or in teams. 
  • Use it online or in offline locations and sets. 
  • Create preliminary budgets in a few hours. 
  • Send complete listings to external suppliers. 
  • Tech Recces & Continuities Notes on the fly. 
  • Export your documents to other formats.
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What exactly does Keynema do?

control on set

Scene Outlist from





Search and
generates listings

Share all your

Which professionals use our Apps?

Keynema currently has two models: K·Art (Production Design/Art) and K·Ch (Character Creator). You can use both models interchangeably with your license. This is especially useful if your project is indie or you need to cover very diverse aspects of your production. diverse aspects of your production. It is also used by young directors and people with a creative department in charge.

It has been created for those who work on the physical aspects of an audiovisual project from art or locations to graphic designers or VFX. Some examples:

Production Design
Art and/or Construction

Set Decoration,
Graphics or Greenery

Character Props
Weapons or Vehicles

Visual Effects
and/or Postproduction

and Services at Set

Stunts or Effects
and Atmospherics

Especially useful if you are going to work on the creation of characters, costumes and their appearance changes (continuities). That's why it is ideal if you do:





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Mani Martínez

An Art Director trained in Fine Arts in the UK, Mani Martinez has 25 years of experience working in art direction for national and international productions. This background allows him to bring an integral vision to the creative and technical workflow. In addition to her work at Keynema, he teaches workshops and courses in art direction and Artificial Intelligence. His innovative approach and experience in multiple facets of audiovisual art drive Keynema's creative vision.

Marc Muixí

Engineer specialized in app development with more than five years of experience in consulting for large-scale projects, including the creation and maintenance of applications used by millions. His ability to adapt product needs to current technologies is fundamental. With a degree in Computer Engineering from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and a master's degree in Mathematics and Computational Engineering from the UOC, Marc is a key player in ensuring the robustness and efficiency of our platform.


Patricia Reyes.

Make-up Artist.

She brings since 2020 her vast experience as a leading makeup artist and hairstylist in film, fashion and advertising. Winner of the Gaudi in 2014 and with a career that includes collaborations with renowned directors and world-renowned brands and several books on makeup and film. Her skill and talent has led her to work on high profile events and with global personalities, enriching the project with her artistic vision and experience.

Misbah Rashid

Graphic Designer.

From his studio in Berlin, he has collaborated with brands and projects globally, specializing in icon design, user interface, branding, and logo development. Trained at Escola Massana Centre d'Art i Disseny, (Barcelona) his ability to transform concepts into visual art enriches our platform, taking the user experience to a higher level.

Irantzu Ortiz.

Stylist and Wardrobe Manager.

Professional with a solid career of more than two decades in the entertainment industry, including work for Apple TV or Netflix. Skilled in budget management, team coordination and production logistics. Her passion for detail and her ability to get the best out of each collaborator make her an ideal accomplice to drive Keynema's success.

Who do we collaborate with?

Keynema-Suite is a project in Residence at the Workshops Area of the Pompeu Fabra University.
We also collaborate with School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia (e.s.c.a.c.).
where our apps are being used academically.

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